Adam Clark

photo: KL BeasleyMy name is Adam Clark and I am the founder of Yokohama Open Learning. I created this resource to make online learning available for interested students and educators worldwide and to push the boundaries of what I am currently doing with my students.

I am also on faculty at Yokohama International School in Yokohama, Japan where I teach Theory of Knowledge to grades 11 and 12 and serve as head of department for this course. As an introduction to issues of epistemology this course is a unique opportunity for students to embrace an intellectual existence and to think with insight and creativity. This course also allows me to draw upon both my background in ethics and psychology along with a love of technological interconnection to foster learning.

Connected to that, I am also a school counselor and provide responsive services and guidance oriented curriculum for middle and high school students (grade 6-10). I will also be adding courses to Yokohama Open Learning that support counseling related work with students over the upcoming months. I maintain a number of online profiles including a personal/professional blog at

I am also active on Twitter regularly tweeting under the hashtags #IBTOK, #scchat, among others.

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