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Thank you for your interest in enrolling as a student in Theory of Knowledge. While this can be taken alone as an online course, this module has been designed to run alongside a classroom based TOK course.

Requirements – The course consists of 6 lessons divided into 19 lesson topics. Each lesson topic should take 1-2 hours to complete for a total of approximately 20 hours required. In addition to the study process found in each lesson topic, there is a reflection assignment to be shared on the TOK Google+ community or via your blog or a shared google document. You will find specific instructions included in each lesson topic. You are also expected to comment on, at least, one classmate\’s post per lesson topic.

Selecting this membership level will give you access to all of the lessons, lesson topics, and course resources. The course is free. After you register for this membership please allow 48 hours to be added to the TOK Google+ Community. Enjoy your learning.

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