TOK Course Introduction for Educators

The Theory of Knowledge Online course companion that you find here can be used alone to develop a basic understanding of key ideas in TOK or to augment a TOK course offered at an IB World School.

Key Features

  • Helps students develop a more solid epistemological foundation to better inform class based projects and summative assessment tasks.
  • 6 Lessons comprised of 19 Lesson Topics requiring approximately 20 hours to complete
  • Learning supported in each lesson by active discussion on the Google+ Community
  • 6 in-depth reflections at the conclusion of each lesson
  • 6 quizzes to help students test their retention of ideas encountered in the lessons
  • Essential Questions, Key Terms, Related Articles and Course Readings for each lesson
  • Tasks for educators to use alongside this course with their classes (Expected Fall 2014)
  • Fantastic way for new TOK teachers to develop better understanding of the scope of the course

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Why is it Free?

It is incredibly exciting to think right now that if someone is interested in learning, they can find excellent resources right online to use to support that interest. If you are like me, you are passionate about TOK, and you think that all students could benefit from the course whether or not they are enrolled in an IBDP school and whether or not they have the financial means to pay for it. Since I am working at an IBDP school and can manage financially to keep the lights on at home and food on the table, I am in a position to make what I do available to students beyond my classroom without having to charge them for it. Better still, by increasing the number of students involved in the fascinating topics and discussions of TOK, I think the learning will be richer for both me and my students.


I already have another course in the works so this site will expand to offer courses beyond just TOK but at the same time, Yokohama Open Learning is run only to support the opportunities hosted here. Your contact information will not be shared or sold. I wouldn’t even know how to do that nor would I be interested in doing so.